06 January 2006

First Friday

Friday.... is one of the best day I had during a week. My previous Friday is all about society, football and play. This year's Friday will be a little different than usual.

Today I'm quite tired in the class, slept a little during Phyz class, but still can catch up with the teacher. Got lots of works I've to complete in this weekend, cant play so much, aikz. :S

Today after school, PP is having a meeting. I'm F5 alrdy, so the meeting doesnt mean much to me, just like an extra standing over there, now we're contributing lesser in PP this year, gonna let F4 handle it. My Qiao commitee members are doing well in making the new volume of Qiao, I'm supervising them.

Waited for my friend pass books to me today, but he didnt turn up in where he suppose to be at the time we've promised. Nvrmnd that, I can carry lesser books back home today.

I see boys are having fun playing football again, I join them. Kinda messy futsal match, F3 VS F5. There's too many ppl until cant really dribble the ball across the ground. It's simply just for fun, everyone's enjoying playing football again after the school holiday.

Because I'm still sick back from Taiwan, I couldnt continue play, coughing badly that time. I decide to catch up with my girl, WX and end up in the library. She's with some of my friends discussing Math club's stuff.

I help myself by reading newspaper and then later join in their conversation when there's less ppl. She left around 2.30pm, but I cant leave yet because friend's asking help from me, about how to make an interesting Math presentation. It's hard you see, Math are mostly numbers, I'm not creative enough to turn numbers into something interesting.

I've no idea where WX goes, so I rush to the bus stop see wheter I can catch up with her. I was lucky, she's buying some snack at a stall near our primary school. She's suprise to see me, and says I walk so fast.

We walk to the bus stop and chat along. It's very very nice. :)
She refuse to accept the reload card I bought for her, says her father will check her credit, quite strict you know....

Both of us get down at the same station back home. We went along to shoplots and she went back her home, and I was buying my lunch. Actually her house is so near and I sometimes went there during weekends.

This is a good start I guess, dunno what we'll up to next time? :P


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