10 December 2005

Blogging from Taiwan

Right now, I'm blogging from the Sony Centre in Taipei 101. Heheh, I wont miss a chance to use free net whenever I can!! :P

I've met lots of friends here, and experience different cultural and lifstyle of ppl over here.

Since this is a public computer, I'm limited with the usage of net over here. I cant run Web Messenger, too bad. :
I kinda like this city, and I've spend 50% of my tour over here. Heh, kinda scare I spent too much over here. My financial source is limited, so gotta be really careful.

Taipei has many common factors compare to KL. My first impression, is like KL in total chinese. Taiwanese are creative and innovative to make things more interesting and better, which makes me respect their spirit.

TW is famous for it's food, isnt it? I like their food too, but not too much. There's a night market near the place I stay, a famous night market in Taipei features food, cloths, and entertainment.
I dont really like that market, because it's almost the samne. Food, arcade games, cloths.... etc. All the shops and stalls are repeatition. I'll blog more about this later when I get back.

They say, Taiwan got alot pretty girls, sorry to say but 90% of the girl I seen over here are faaaaaaaaaaar worse than girls in KL. Maybe I'm too use of seeing KL girls huh? But at least in my tour there's lots of pretty SYTs. :D
My team has the most girls in the team, about 2/3 girls in 32 person.

I'll stop my post here. Will be back next.... 2 weeks? See if I'm free, I'll online at 27 night, mid-night I guess. Then, I shall continue my stories in Taiwan, as well as photos I've taken.

'til then, enjoy holiday my friend in Malaysia. B)

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