24 December 2005

Few more days to go....

Good morning, I'm now blogging at ZhengHao Hotel in TaiChung, going back to Taipei today. :)

The weather.... is hard to say. One day, it can be very cold down to 3'C, and another day it can be as hot as 27'C, it's.... hard to predict.
Sorry my language is getting lousier these days because quite some time I didnt blog.

Currently I'm trying to control my money output, scare I'll end up pk(no money). Things like CDs, books over here are quite cheap, probably few Ringgits, or even more than RM 10!!

Tuesday night I'll be back in KL, dunno wheter I have the energy to online huh?

Anyway, I've bought few nice CDs and I'll share it to my friends when I get back.

Merry Christmas!!!

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