05 December 2005

Before I leave for Taiwan

Firstly, I've activated my Maxis Global Roaming, so I'll be free to call back anytime, though I'll be charged RM 2.50/min. Luckily SMS wont kill me so much, RM 0.50/sms. :)

Too bad my phone dont have those high-tech functions like online or so... if not I'll be able to online, or at least get in touch with friends or blogs... etc.

Secondly, for those who're interested in the trip I'm going, you can goto KuanMooTuan.org(观摩团) to check for the updates, and get info you want about the trip from there.

Actually I'll be flying to Taiwan Wednesday, so tomorrow I will still be in KL, but far away from home.

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  1. -月の风信子-♡™December 06, 2005 1:40 AM

    hi =) kmt members, me from team1 5MF1020. seems like u have done quite alot of work before leavin to tw. me too, an on9 freak. hope can on9 there =)