01 November 2005

Maksim Albums

This post, is dedicated to Maksim, the Croatian piano player.

Since his first album The Piano Player, I've been collecting his albums for past few years.

Many think that Maksim's the type of artist that only girls like, mainly is because he's cool and handsome, but I like him not because his coolness/handsome(unless I'm gay), is his passion of music I like. The way he plays.... is just like he's sync with the piano itself.

Anyhow, there's some ppl criticize him for misleading youngsters about classical music, but then his music style shows how wonderful to play classical with the taste of modern music.

Album Covers

These albums are original copies, I think it's worth it to buy original copies to support Maksim.

Maksim albums

Of course, there must be someone who made the song and let Maksim perform. The mastermind behind Maksim's music is Tonci Huljic, a Croatian composer.
He is famous classical crossover music composer, he has composed songs for Bond, the crossover string band, and WILD, also another crossover string band.


These 3 pieces of Maksim's songs, are the work of Tonci Huljic, and these are my favourites.

I'm so glad that I can enjoy Maksim's music, and I'll be looking foward for the next album!!


  1. I prefer his first 2 album though.

  2. Hi CLF,
    i'm a fan of maxim too, it's a shame that he isnt well known worldwide yet. i'm living in france. i was trying so hard to get his albums, i only managed to get his second album, but i really want his 1st one specially his song exodus. if u have them, is there any chance that u can send them to me via email plzzzzzzzzzzz, if u want any song in return i'll be ready to send it. here is my adress : revolutionary_bot@hotmail.com
    hope that u'll be able to send them to me. thanks a lot. take care. ciao