31 October 2005

Holiday Plans

If I'm not mistaken, 6th Nov will be this blog's 1st anniversary. Heh, it's been a year I start blogging, from a simple blog becoming such mess in this blog. I'm kinda lazy to tidy up the links and banners on the left side, well I'll sort things out when I've the mood.

So.... planning for this holiday.

3rd of Nov, I'm going to my friend Hilmi's house to celebrate Hari Raya, which is a festival that all Muslims in Malaysia celebrate together.

15~16 Nov, I'm joining a trip to Melaka with Students Union + Librarian. Hmm.... perhaps got chance to meet with a blogger Jason?

21~25 Nov, got a Geography project not so far away from my house. It's about research of a land that use to be a lake caused by mining activities.

7~26 Dec, going to Taiwan for vacation + study.

That's what I know for now, maybe I'll have soem other activities? I'm not sure yet. Time will tells!


  1. Go to Taiwan ar.. good lor.
    I never been there..

  2. I suggest travel at malaysia.
    if don't have any guide line , you may log in at www.malaxi.com you will get a lot of information about malaysia

  3. Malaxi, thanks for that site, it can help me much with my projects.