30 October 2005

What A Day!

Saturday morning, gotto wake up early to attend a "money-giving ceremony" at Wisma MCA.

I arrive there quite early, and I've nothing to do. I stand aside, and then a man approches me. He talk to me, I just reply him and didnt bother much. You see, I'm not so friendly to strangers. Momments later, I met with friends from school, Ju Shua and Chun Meng.

The ceremony was pretty fast. I notice the MC mentioned few names I'm quite familiar, my old friends. But too bad, he/she is not present, so couldnt met up with them personally. The man talk to me before the ceremony, was actually the father of my friend, Carmen & Wendy. I'm speechless when I knew that, that man took the money on behalf her daughter.
The prize is actually a RM 50 cheque, no big deal.

I walk to KLCC later, to hang out there myself. I prefer go there by myself, rather hanging out with friends. I decided to watch a movie, since it's quite early. I go for "The Legend of Zorro".
The 2 hours movie, was not as good as what I expect since the last movie(The Mask of Zorro), but it's still good I think.

Before I leave KLCC, I heade to Tower Records to get Maksim's album, "A New World", which I've been waited for so long time. It cost RM 45.90. I like this album than the previous "Variations", because in this album I like most of the songs. :)

It's a nice day, but too bad evening I cant play football with my friends. :(

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