30 October 2005

Well it's been awhile

Apologise to myself and those who're interested with my blog, it's been some time I update this blog. (-____-")

My life's going up and down, and right now I'm 'enjoying' my year-end holiday. Of course, I still have things to do this holiday, dont expect I'm too free and have nothing to do.

After we won the football competition, well of course there's a prize-giving ceremony for the winners.

What I've won...

I've also got the 2nd place for one of the competition I entered earlier this year.

Ok, so I'm the winner, big deal. It's over now, the hamper has been "gang-raped" by my teammates(including myself).

Good news for my class too, we've won the best discipline award for Form 4 classes. We got RM 100 as reward. :D

For the last few weeks, I dont really had a good time with my friends in the Students Union(PP), mainly is because the editorial position, which I felt that I'm really not interested with it. My boss, Sun Hua insist that I give my best shot to train the juniors, and claiming that I'm lazy to do things.

Fine, I'm not really doing my job very well, I admit that's my fault. I'm not interested with it, so it's hard for me to 100% concentrate to make things happen.
Imagine, if you're interested in singing, then suddently you're forced to study law, will you be happy? And can you do well in the studies? I bet the answer is no, same case applies on myself.

Recenntly, I'm kinda forgetful. It happens for a week straight, which make me went craze.

Case #1

Monday, the day when parents took their children's report book. I left a book my sis gave me on my drawer, and only realize the book was missing after I went to tuition. I ran out from the tuition centre back to school, but the book's gone.
Panic, I couldnt ease off myself momments later. When I reach home, I called few classmates that left later than myself. I was so lucky, the book was picked up by one of the weirdest guy in my class. He returned the book to me on the next day, phew!!

Case #2

Tuesday, the last day I had physical edu class. I brought my football to play with friends. We played for 4 lessons straight(approx 2 hours). It was fun.
I was too hot, so I only change my t-shirt. After school, I get CD for my friend, and accidentally left my white shirt(with badges embeded) on aside. I went home without taking it back.
I only realize this when I get into a taxi and checked my beg. Luckily, I remember to bring my ball back.
Was lucky I place my shirt at at safe place. The next day, my shrit is still over there, phew!!

After those 2 cases, I've become more concious about my belongings. But still, the scenario overshadows myself.

Friday, the last day in school, our class is having party. Because it's the last day, teacher doesnt teach much("pity" my class, the teachers are too RESPONSIBLE!). I sneak out from class and join my friends play football. I left my notebook on the ground.
I return to class to attend the demonic teacher's lesson, and on the half-way of the lesson, I only realize that I left my notebook out!! I'm nervous, but I dare not interrupt the teacher. Had to wait for about 30 mins before I can go out from the class and get my book back.
Luckily, again, my book is left where I put earlier.

While my classmates are preparing for the party, I decided to continue play football with friends. :P

My classmates are brilliant enough to order 4 LARGE pizzas just paying the price of 2 pizzas. Other than pizza, we bought other food too.

4 with the price of 2
Domino's Pizza

Eventually, the party went pretty well.

Last day of Form 4, I'll treassure it nicely. Though next year we all(classmates) still in the same class, but we've not much time to play/celebrate because of the damn exam..... :(

More blog post coming up!!

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