04 November 2005

Hari Raya

Let me explain a while what is "Raya" means. It is a festival which Muslims from worldwide celebrates together after 30 days of Ramadhan-fasting. It's one of the biggest festive celebration in Malaysia held annualy.

Today, went to my friend Hilmi's house to celebrate Raya with bunch of our schoolmates. Though his house technically is not so far from my house, but it took me awhile to reach there.

This is the 1st time I went to friend's house to celebrate Raya, so felt kinda awkward eventhough I'm familiar with most of the ppl around there.

I had my lunch there, Hilmi's mother cooked typical Malay dishes, like rendang and so on. I enjoy the food, but it's quite spicy I think, I just walk to his house from a distance... definitely not good for my digestion.

I played PS2 with friends, Naruto fighting game. Heck, it isnt the best fighting game but we sure having great time playing it.

Anyhow, I still prefer traditional games. I dunno how to play congkak, so Hilmi's father took out a carrom board let us play. Carrom is a game that's quite similiar to snooker, and it's legal for 'underage' to play. ;)

I had experience playing Carrom, so it's fun to play again and play with fellow friends. Hah, played 2 games and scored one by hitting in a crucial winner. XD

It's a great experience to celebrate Raya with friends, and having the chance to meet with fellow friends during the holiday!! ;)

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