12 September 2005


Aha!! Today's one of my lucky day sneaky on the net searching for Maksim's latest news!!

First place I went: MaksimMrvica.com. The site is up again after few days of mantainence. I wasnt dissapointed, the links given there is fresh, especially the e-card(it's a pop-up, disable ur pop-up in order to access the e-card.)

The e-card contains lots of cool stuff, including track samples and new music video(!) of Nostradamus. Links to dwnld the videos:

  • A NEW WORLD interview (15 MB)
  • Nostradamus MV(8.6 MB)

    According to source, there's scores available in the new album. If not mistaken, it's scores of Claudine(The Piano Player), Kolibre(Variations) & Nostradamus(A New World). Piano scores usually are sold quite expensive, so grap one for free when u can!

    The frenzy didnt stop there, I've found the album images available here:

  • "A NEW WORLD" images
  • "A NEW WORLD" Wallpapers
    Credit: Sara, MaksimMrvica.com

    Overall, I'm really impressed with the new album. Almost all the tracks available is nice!!(I just listen the samples, not the real music yet)
    Tracks like "New World Concerto" & "Nostradamus" will rock you as hard as "Flight of the Bumble Bee"(TPP), "Exodus"(TPP) & "Kolibre"(Vrtns)!!
    This album also features romantic pieces like "Somewhere in Time" & "Deborah's Theme", which is the first time in Maksim's album.
    Somehow, I was hooked by the piece called "Still Waters".

    All of these tracks can be listen on the e-card.

    The actual release date international is 12 Sept 05, which is tomorrow. I heard someone in Singapore got it alrdy, yet I doubt when I can get the CD in Malaysia. If Tower Records KLCC is doing good job this time, then I might get the CD within this week. If not, I'll probably get it after my exam, which is sometime during Oct. :(
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