07 September 2005

Arghh!! Dental appointment!!


Tomorrow need to goto the "chamber of fear" once again, sob... But good news is I can wake up late(9.30am) and skipped lots of boring classes at school. Kinda freak out when think of the dentist. :S

Hopefully, my braces can be removed by nxt year!! The sooner the better!! I cant stand torturing myself inside the chamber of fear once in months!!

Actually, it's just a mental sickness of myself bout dentist. I'd nightmare with dentist since I was a little kid... I'd to "lose" few teeth 'coz I ate too much sweets... :(

Today, I handed the final copy of Qiao to Mdm Chek to check. I'm confused Mdm Chek and the clerk who responsible to do the copying work. Mdm Chek look thru the final copy and then gave few comments.
Her comments were right, I've neglect some important points about the purpose of Qiao. It suppose to be a media that let students know more about the school admins, but my copy were mostly like a leisure magz instead of a school's buletine. She also suggest me to publish Qiao 3 times in a year, as currently we're making Qiao based on monthly concept.

Later I hand the copy to Mdm Lau, the senior asst of co-curiculum to check. She gave me terrible comments, and needed few days to check. She said she'll return the copy to me on Friday. Arghh... I guess want to print out this month's Qiao will 腹死胎中.... :(

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