13 September 2005

Pausing from blogging for awhile

Lately I didnt came up with any post bout my recent life going on, but I posted post about Maksim's new album, "A New World".

This update of my current life is just like writting diary after days didnt touch it. If u think it's boring, well.... that's my life.

Final exam's gonna held on next week, for 14 days. Started to revise few subjects, but neglected other subjects. I'm currently focusing on history, Bio and Chem. Later I'm gonna revise Add Math, Modern Math & Phyz. Language subjects got no idea how to really study. :(

Teachers didnt came into class to teach, or they let us do our own revision. I sit on my own in class, with no one beside me. Good thing is at least I'd quiet environment studying, but then I felt lonely eventhough there's classmates around. I dont talk so much nowdays, felt like shutting myself from others.

I recently seldom talk to Carmen, after she knew that I secretly like her. Stil she was friendly to me. I just dunno what should I say to her... (~___~")
I'm planning to get our relationship further after her PMR exam.

Today I called Tower Records KLCC about the release of Maksim's new album. Well... the staff dont know when it'll be available in Tower Records yet. Sigh... I think I've to wait 'til Oct and try and ask for it again. :(

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