15 August 2005

Weekend of Disorder

Saturday morning I'm going to my classmate, May Chee's house to do our Add Math project. My sis fetch me to my school as what I planned with my classmates.
We promised to meet at 12pm, but 2 other classmates are late. So, 4 of us walk to May Chee's house located few KMs away.
We joke along and reach her house about 30 mins walk.

We had our lunch at May Chee's house. That time, other classmates arrived as well. We started to discuss and work on the project. I'm doing everything from nil, lots of things I need to copy. :S
Luckily, May Chee's house have scanner. I scanned and saved the copies of the project into a CD-RW. I'm in a rush 'coz parents said wanna go Genting to stay for 1 night. (~__~)

I dont have much mood to goto Genting b'coz I havent complete my work, Add Math project & Qiao editorial stuff.... etc. I tell my father that I dont want to goto Genting with them 'coz I wanna finish my work. Father then say want to cancel the trip to Genting, and both sis were dissapointed. I dont want to dissapoint them, so I changed my mind and decided to go with them. Sis' bringing her laptop to Genting too, and I'm much more relief 'coz I can retrieve the scanned pictures in the CD I burnt and continue doing my project. :D

We stay at Awana this time. Our last stay at Awana dated almost 10 yrs ago....
The hotel is a little old-fashion, but I still like it.
We later had our dinner at the hotel. Since this meal was sponsored by father's friend, so we're kinda "greedy" to order the food. I ordered their chicken rice, taste good!
I'd 4 types of "protein", chicken, mutton(lamb chop), beef(sup ekor lembu) & fish 'n' chip. Overall the dinner is very nice!!

We went to our hotel room after dinner. The room was nice, looks comfortable, but one thing I dislike is bad lightning. It's still dark eventhough we'd switch on all the lights in the room. Bad for me to continue my project. :(
I was smilling when I saw there's high-speed Internet modem available in the room. :)

We decided to goto the upper part of Genting with Skyway. 15 mins ride up to the top. In the cable car, we noticed there's haze on top of Genting. The smell was bad, same as the "smokin' sensation" I smelt when the haze's struck KL.

We went to First World Plaza to shop, and the time was 10pm++. Still, First World Plaza is packed with crowd. We shopped 'til 11.30pm that night. I've bought 2 new shirts for myself, a jacket and a new t-shirt. Cost RM 50.
I notice these 2 boots in one of the shoplets....

Nike Air Zoom Total 90 III Indoor

It cost RM 169, looks nice and I kinda like the chrome red. The choices up there in Genting are limited, so I didnt expect I can get anything up here.

When we're almost done with shopping, we decided to head to our favourite game of all time, The Motion Master. Meh... too bad, we're late 5 mins for the last show. Oh well, we head back to our hotel after that.

I tried to get online in the room with my sis' laptop. But too bad the network blocked the connection. We called the reception and they say need to pay to get online. Aikz...
Another bumper to me.... my sis' laptop wasnt able to read the CD I burnt. Arghh!!! I was really frustrated, 'coz I thought I can do some part of the project up there. CRAP!!
Because I'm tired and frustrated, I bath and sleep.... around 2.30am. :(

Early in the morning I was called up by mother. 8am morning, I still wanna sleep 'coz tired. I washed my face and changed, then head to the restraunt below to eat breakfast. Nothing so special about the food I ate, though there's lots of varieties.

Later we check out and head home. On the way back we bought lemang(a traditional Malay food, rice cooked in bamboo stick) as our lunch.

The first thing I do when I get home is boot up the com and finish my Add Math project. I also sent scanned pics of my project to others, 'coz I know many ppl might want info bout the project. Hahaha... many ppl "kissed" me for giving out the info. :P
I took a nap after I've done with the project. It's raining at that moment, so it's nice to sleep in a rainy weather. :)

When I woke up, parents and sis are preparing to leave to attend a function outside. I'm not going with them, 'coz still got some unfinished matter I need to do.
I was lucky, Carmen msg me when I online my MSN. Hahaha... finally after days of waiting, she's online. :D
She mainly asked me bout exam tips. Then she say she'll meet at my class tomorrow 'coz she wanna ask me more. :D

Wonderz and wonderz..... the "unexpected" haze holiday is over, tomorrow had to back to school again!!

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