16 August 2005

Busy yet Happy

Today sure is a joyful day for myself.
Morning, Carmen came to my class and asked for some tips for her exam. I gave her the essay she requested, and some other tips for other subjects. It's nice, since she during her exam period, she's unlikely to goto PP room, and I tend to avoid that place if I could.

I was dealing with Mdm Chek about Sidang Majalah's graphic matter. She need few more dividers to complete our group's assignment. She's rushing for the dividers. Oh well.... I'd to rush for it, I'll leave other group members aside 'coz they've done their job, now it's my turn to do mine.

Hah.... first relief, today finally passed up my Add Math project!! No need to worry about it anymore!! XD

Recess time I was in a hurry to do lots of stuff. Deal with teachers.... find ppl.... etc. Kinda busy. :
PJK lesson was cancelled because F3 are having their PMR trial exam. I spent this time finishing the dividers in SRM room. Only left one divider and few minor problems doesnt bother me much. I'm happy 'coz finally I've finished SRM assignment. :D

Chandran's history lesson doesnt have any excitment today. I wasnt paying much attention during the class 'coz I keepz on checking my files. Meh.... quite boring though, but I had a long talk with Toh Wai. The talk somehow boost up my own confidence. :)

Ms Lim was absent today, so the Chinese lesson was taken over by Phyz teacher Ms Nee.
She asked me bout my blog, and I was suprised.... didnt think of teacher would find my blog. Chin Wei gave her my blog link, 'coz she wanted to take a look at her own pics I posted. Funny.... heheh.

After school I went home with KY and the rest of 2 dudes. I msg Carmen and asked her bout her exam. She say she's doing fine, and too bad she cant ask me about Geo, 'coz this Friday we F4 gonna rumblez at Titiwangsa, our school's annual running activity will be held there.

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