13 August 2005

~* Love Movement *~

~* Love Movement *~ provided by Bravenet.com

A blogger friend of mine made this somehow like psychology site.

He quoted "for the sake of helping humanity" about his site. The aim is to reduce suicide rates and psychological sickness, according to my friend.

I like the concept of the meditation stuff, I believe this might help lots of people out there, for the sake of humanity.

The first post, entitled "Love Meditation" is amazing. I'm currently working as what the site write. Cant say it's effective or what, but still it's worth to try it!!

I hope more people and support the site, for the sake of humanity!


  1. Thanks a lot for supporting Love Movement. You will be given credit. I hope people's lives will improve greatly if they choose to live in love, compassion and gratitude. It is sad to see many people today choose hatred, greed, sadness nowadays... Those negative emotions can only be filled with love. :D

  2. Heh, it's nothing actually.
    We usually advertise something we found interesting on our blog isnt it? ;)

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