04 August 2005

Hazy KL

* Ystrdy sis was using the net, so couldnt post this blog post up.

Today was totally messed up. I forgot go bring my pencil case, cost me lots of trouble. :
During assembly, I notice the activity centre was covered with haze. It's foggy, visible area were decreased. :(

Modern Math class, teacher gave us back our paper. Heh, I get 26/30 this time, waaaaaaay better than last time when I fail this paper. :P

Before Eng lesson, I'd no mood want to copy those notes given by Santhi. So then I skipped her class by sneaking into SRM room again....
Time passed, it was few minutes before the bell rangs. Santhi said she'd taken down my name into the file 'coz I was "missing" without any permitt. I'd nothing to say, let it be.... my first record listed in the file. :(

2 BM period.... that teacher was absent again. I decided to sit to a place near the door to read my book 'coz I want get some fresh air from there, and also peeking at Carmen. :P

I dunno why, I always felt sleepy during Add Math lesson. I tried to control myself but just couldnt help myself from falling asleep. My friend Sam joked, he wonders how I can get full mark for my test, as I'm sleeping during the class. Hahaha...

Chem lesson, we had a quick experiment playing with acid and alkaline. Later we'd excercise calculating molarity and weight stuff..... etc. It took us 5 mins later to dismiss class. :S

Hui Fong briefed me about Qiao when I'm in PP room. She's kinda taking Sun Hua's place as my advisor for Qiao when Sun Hua wasnt around. Well, at least Fong's much friendlier than the way Sun Hua talk. :)
Had quick lunch, and then rush to APD room to attend Geo class.

The club's chairperson, Chun Meng was replacing our teacher Ms Lee for awhile 'coz Ms Lee'd some "unfinish business". Heh, we joked with Chun Meng by asking silly questions. His presentation is good, I understand most of it, oh I wish I could talk just like him so swiftly. That's no doubt why many ppl refer Chun Meng as professor. :D
Few moments before our class end, we discuss about the upcoming exhibition held next week. Chun Meng was planning to create a model of volcano. I volunteered myself to find some info bout minerals. That's not a hard task for me, as I can always rely on Google and Wikipedia. :D

Hahaha.... this evening had another good chat with Carmen. :D
She's friendly, and reply more frequently, compare to last 2 SYTs I mentioned before, Hui Jiun and Wai Ing. :P

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