03 August 2005


Today school's having an educational fair at the activity centre. We PP members are suppose to help UBS to arrange the tables and chairs. But we wasnt informed who's in charge. None of the head of PP is there, we waiting for nothing and then I decided to go back to class.
Toh Wai asked me and Haw Jiun help UBS carry the tables. We're reluctant to move, and we help them to carry few tables and then we go back to class 'coz we're done and we're coming out without having any permit.
On the way back, we saw S4's Chee Hoe is taking a mouse to Bio lab along with Mdm Preammah. They're the first class who're doing disection experiment this week. The mouse is actually a "bonus" for them. Poor little mouse. :(

During Add Math class, I felt sleepy, b'coz ystrdy night was chattin' with girl 'til late night. :P

During recess, I check out at the edu fair. This time there's less institutes who join the fair. They only used half of the activity centre.
Head into PP room. Carmen asked few math questions. I was suprise that I'm able to solve the questions easily. Heh.... PMR standard was actually very simple now, last year I still couldnt figure out how to calculate those algebra stuff. :D
Sun Hua and some other members took the 1st edition's Qiao to PP room today. Was so happy to see finally it's printed. We're planning to sell it next week. :D

Physical edu period, my fav time. This time I play crazily 'coz wanna lash out the stress I had lately. Hmm.... the result wasnt that bad, scored few goals from long range and close range. :D

Well today's history lesson was one of the most unforgettable for me. I'm having presentation today, first time! :S
I'm a little nervous, and my tounge twisted abit when I talk too fast. I tried to explain about Dark Age in Eu and Renaissance to the class.
Chandran says I'm good in this, and he say he wants to record my explaination for other classes. I was suprise... I know he can do what he said. Anyhow, I accept the task, but I'll only do well when I'm alone at home..... 'coz I hate my family's around when I'm doing recording like this. (~___~")

After school, I and Hui Fong went to office to find our teacher advisor to pass over a sample of the latest Qiao. Later then I walk to canteen to buy my lunch. KY them was in canteen that time, they're discussing bout the Bio disection experiment. Tuna Kee said, Sun Hua disected the frog in the most disgusting method. He say, Sun Hua asked teacher wheater he can take a look at the frog's brain. He chop off the frog's head, and then use some sort of knife to cut the frog's mouth. B'coz of some reasons, Sun Hua couldnt get to the brain. Sounds freaky.... many ppl are excited with the frog disection.
Our class' going to have this experiment on Thurday, and I'm planning to get my cam to school too. :D

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