05 August 2005

Bio Hazard

Bio Hazard

04 Aug 05, 2329

Ahah.... today's really an exciting day!! Today was having my first Bio disection experiment. My classmates were excited too. Since I've got the permitt to bring cam from Mdm Soong, so I've no worries to bring my cam to school. :)

First few lessons were nothing much. There's 2 blank periods, which I finished by reading the book, "Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator". One or two days I've read the book, left about 1/4 to be done. Well I'm hoping to get the famous book "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory", 'cause that's a popular book.

During recess I've manage to asked Carmen wheter she's staying back tomorrow. Heh, she'll be staying 'til 2pm. Maybe I'll had a nice chat with her in library, hopefully.... :D

After recess I'd Phyz lesson. Hmm.... Ms Nee was giving us back our paper. I've scored 12/20.... not good enough, but still not yet fail. :P

All of us were excited when we're moving towards the Bio lab. We're disecting 8 frogs, too bad we couldnt disect mouse, which was performed by S2 and S4 classmates.
Well the process was a little complicated and exciting. We catch the frogs and put it into a bin, and then teacher put in some chloroform gause. Minutes later, most of the frogs fainted. LET THE PARTY BEGINS!!!

I've helped my teammates to setup the frog on the board, but soon after that I take off my glove and started to take photos again. There's lots of interesting stuff happend in the lab. It's crazy.... I and Toh Wai took quite alot of photos. Too bad for me, many of my photos are blur and bad quality. :(
After we disect 'til we saw the inner organs of the frog, then my classmates started to transform into beast.....
They take out the frog's heart, and the "strawberry"(actually it's lung, but it looks like strawberry); they chop off the frog's tounge; they cut the frog's leg; they took out the eggs....... it was barbaric action after all. But well... somehow most of us are "enjoying" the process. :D
Heh and yea, there's someone who're nervous and scare with the experiment. I like to look at their face expressions. :P

* Some pics of the frog disection can be found here.

B'coz of the experiment, we're late 15 mins going back to our class. Luckily M.Math teacher, Pn Che Nun was tolerate with us, she joked abit and then gave us some notes to copy and then the bell rangs. :D

I'm happy that many PP members are helping me with the latest Qiao. I wanna thank them so much!!! :D

Tuition time again, I always fool around with my cam. I'm watching my photos while doing the questions/notes. Heh, it's an enjoyment to me!! I pay more attention during Chem lesson 'coz the teacher wasnt someone u suppose to joke with....

After tuition I was hungry.... very hungry. Ordered Neslo Ice(RM 1.50) + Roti Milo(RM 2). Not bad for a tea-time break!!

* Today KY told me something interesting yet suprise me. He told me Wendy and Carmen was somehow related...... I was totally suprise when I think of that. XD

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