07 August 2005

Guilty Weekend

Sigh.... things I suppose to do is not yet done.... there's still many homework I actually need to rush for, but somehow I'm lack of concentration to finish those h'works.
I dunno why.... maybe is Carmen's seduction? Well.... this weekend I'm really enjoy it, esp having long chat with Carmen. :D
She told me, since I added her into MSN, she online MSN more frequent than before, even her sis also complain about it alrdy. :P

I spent this weekend mostly sitting infront of com, which I was scolded by my sis. I online, chatting, playing and finishing the PP buletine "Qiao".
I think I must do something for myself to have a more productive weekend, I shouldnt spent so much time having too much entertainment.....

Currently blogging at my relative's house.... having dinner at their place tonight. Hopefully I can go home ASAP, 'coz I still got unfinish things to do. (>____<)

1 comment:

  1. CLF, seduction from Carmen?! Waiting for Carmen to on MSN and chat wit u. hoho..

    Congrats, u r going to jump into love river.