10 August 2005

2 days digested in 1

090805, 2316

Monday, 8 Aug 05

Today's assembly took quite some time because we're having the launch of INFINITY week(an exhibition presented by few societies and clubs), the launch of the first "Qiao" buletin, Photography Club's announcement on the photography competition.... etc. Principle Mr Chu's speech was the longest.... dunno how he can brag something as short as 5 mins to 20 mins... and I still dont understand why he want to do that? Weird. :
There was nothing much... Bio teacher Mdm Preammah was absent today, and replaced by Moral teacher Mdm Tan. We'd Moral lesson earlier, as usually we'll have Moral on the last period.

During recess, I went to the INFINITY week exhibition to check up how's Geo Club doing. Chun Meng borrowed lots of posters from Ms Lee to show us. He told me he is still doing the volcano model.
Other clubs/societies looked doing fine too. Science club was experimenting some simple experiments; Art Club was showing their artworks and also providing gift delivery service, which is a popular thing going on in our school. It's just sweets, nicely wrapped and look just nice, price was quite fair too.

I still dont understand why I always felt asleep when I'm in Ms Mdm Phoon's(heard she'd married, but dunno when, congratz to her!) class. The sleep bug keeps buggin' me during her lesson. Maybe is this time's learning process is different, so I may not have the interest as what I had when copying notes on the board, and listen to teacher's explanation.

Chandran's lesson was shorten b'coz Mdm Phoon had forgotten the time(scholl bell's failure). He asked the next group to present infront(I've done it last week, kinda fun!). This time is classmate Geok Lan's turn. While she's "teaching" us, I can see that she doesnt really understand what the topic(Reformation) is talking about. Chandran was dissapointed, but he gave guidelines to Geok Lan to understand further for the topic. I'm also preparing the notes as well, but the time was not enough, so I cant propose my notes to Chandran.

Chinese lesson.... kinda boring as teacher keeps asking us to do our excercise book. Later Hui Chi came into my class to get me. I asked who's coming for me, and she said Chandran. I knew what he want me to do, so I decided to bring my history notes along with me to Hui Chi's class 4E5.
I think it's funny 'coz this is the 3rd time I've been presenting infront of others, but I do it in other classes, to teach them. :S
Luckily I only need to explain a small section of the text, I manage to get myself out of the class before the last period.

Mdm Tan allow us to do our own works at the last period. I mess up my place, trying to sort things out properly. Recently busy with Qiao and also Add Math project.

EST followed up next. Santhi gave us back our EST paper. I did not very good this time, but still manage to get 16/20. :She let us go around 1.50pm.

Tuition, as usual, spent a little time sleeping during Bio lesson, then later charged and then continue copy the notes teacher gave.
Fakaruddin's teaching Archimedes' Theory today. Wasnt something really hard, but still abit confuse if not concentrate well.


Tuesday, 9 Aug 05

Today I brought a book my sis borrowed me, it's a book about a guy who travels in Greece, kinda like a PhotoBlog, compiled into a book. Gee.... after reading the book, I started to think Greece is an interesting place. Maybe one day I'll travel there too..... :D

I like the house over there...

The pictures was taken from here.

OK back to school. There wasnt something unusual happen in the early morning. This time I didnt sleep during AddMath class. :P

Morthy was absent, I heard he's admitted into hospital due to sickness. Hope he can recover soon.
I dont have much prob taking the sports equipment from the store, but too bad only Ming Hong play with me football. The weather is bad b'coz of the haze, but then I still play regardless the bad weather.

After chaging myself, it's Chandran's history lesson again. He was not happy with ystrdy Geok Lan's presentation, so he asked her to present it again. I'm getting ready myself to go out to present once again, 'coz I dont think classmates quite understand what she said. I cant stand it anymore, I get the permission from teacher and then I go infront to present once again.... for the 4th time. But too bad this time's presentation was not as good as last time's, 'coz I dont prepare much and some of the notes are prepared by another friend.
Heh I think I was somehow addicted to having presentation infront. Well this is a positive addiction I guess. :P

Chinese lesson, teacher finally gave us back our paper. I get 14/20.... a little better than last time. :
After school, I head to canteen to catch up with KY them. I was dissapointed, 'coz he say he'll be going to cyber cafe. :S
If not, usually I'll leech follow his car back home. :(

When I was going back, I notice the haze is getting worse, but visibility are still consider OK to me..... oh well.... hopefully there'll be a downpour to take out all the burning stuff going on, and let us have fresh air to breath again in KL!!

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