10 August 2005

Bad Haze Day

This morning, I thougth the haze had decrease bit by bit, but I was wrong. The haze is getting from BAD to WORSE!

This morning's assembly was affected by the haze. Our visibility decreased, and we could smell "burning sensation" in the air. Badly polluted, sigh...

In class, classmates are busy with Add Math project. Luckily Mdm Santhi was absent today, so we'd more time to do the project. JuShua agrees to let us use SRM room to do the graph using SRM's com.

I head to PP room after I took something to eat. Carmen & other F3 juniors was there, she asked me bout PMR exam stuff.... etc etc. I tell them my experience.... and tips for doing exam. I felt good, at least I know what to talk to her, not like lifeless statue when she's around.

BM lesson.... I dont really know what the teacher's teaching. He wrote the test's answer on the board, but not giving us back our paper. I think he's somewhat craze.... keeps on talking to himself in the class, as not many of us are playing attention on him. I spent that time finish reading a World History encyclopedia my sis bought. Nowdays I can read very fast, 1 or 2 days finish a book. :D

I look outside, the haze is getting WORSE. Even now buildings within 1km radius was not visible too, like Prima Setapak and Diamond Square. Eye-soar, soar-throat.... etc. Lots of bad things can happen on u when there's a terrible haze going on.

Walking from my class to Chem lab was a "challenge" today, because of the terrible haze. There's still a group of students practising volleyball in the bad weather eventhough Mdm Soong had announced all physical activities are suspended due to the weather. I guess those people are feeling sick right now... for exposing too much to haze.

Chem lesson was dissapointing for today. I get back my Chem test paper, but found out that I've failed. :( I get 7/20.... sux sux. We dont have mood to continue the lesson, so do Mdm Nr Hayati too. We're badly affected by the haze. Anyhow, Nr Hayati insist we continue on our study.

I came back home with KY. Noticed everywhere was badly affected by haze. Everywhere, including the place I'm living too. Haze is everywhere..... yet another haze nightmare after year 1996/1997.

I just get latest news from my father. Schools in KL are closed due to the bad weather, for Thurday(11 Aug) and Friday(12 Aug). We'll replace back the holiday on 10 & 24 Sept.
Hahaha.... no need pass up Add Math project!! :D

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