11 August 2005

Free Free Free!!

Ahahahahaha.... I wonders is there any "sui yu"(水鱼) goto school today, and see the school gate shut? :P

Today have to goto tuition. Sigh... dunno how I'll go there... taxi or bus? Or something else? KY them went to cc alrdy..... so cant fetch me along. :(

Sun Hua asked us to attend a meeting tomorrow at KFC, Genting Klang. Myself, am reluctant to go 'coz the bad weather condition and we need our own time to do our personal things.
Tomorrow sis maybe bringing me to her office... so... I dont really think I'll go there, unless someone can fetch me there and back. :P
If it wasnt the terrible haze condition, I'll go for the meeting. But for now.... 80% I wont be going to that meeting. :P

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