11 August 2005

Haze in KL

Aikz.... I had to goto tuition even the weather is bad. I decided to bring my cam along with me to take shots of the places affected by the haze.

Pics taken behind my house....
Haze Haze

You can see that my place is badly affected as well. :(

I went to tuition centre by taxi, this is what I caught at the spot where I waited for taxi.
Haze Haze
Low visiblity from far away.

On the way, I caught few more pics with places affected by the haze.

The taxi ride cost me RM 5. Few people attended today's tuition class. Here's pics I taken outside my tuition centre.
Haze Haze

Overall, most places in KL are badly affected by the damn haze. Port Klang and Kuala Selangor had declared state emergency. The situation in KL is not showing any sign of decreasing of the haze. I wonders how long it'll last.....

Right now, KL's pollution is as bad as China's capital, Bei Jing.
This is a pic I took last year in Bei Jing....

Compare to these....

Links on similiar blog post, with pics of the haze.


  1. Hey, stumbled on your blog through PPS. Just wanna tell you that i'm impressed by your photographic skill. Your could still take such excellent pictures admist this haze... kudos. :)

  2. Haha, that was just my amateur skill, nothing so special.
    The last 2 pics was taken from BBC news there.

  3. hey buddy!

    i love your photos~! especially your photos taken when you were at the spot of waiting for taxi~

    that impressed me much. u r doing well!