07 August 2005

Farewell to others

Luckily this morning was able to sleep quite late, I woke up at 8.15am. Went to school to attend PBSM's farewell party. As "usual", I bring along my gears(digi cam & mp3 player).

I was suprised when I reach school, a friend Chen Quan holding a ball and ask me play football, as the party havent started yet. I thought he was joking, but he'd prepare to kick the ball. Although we play for just a moment, but I do enjoy playing at that time 'coz long time didnt play football with him alrdy. XD

I seat besides KY the gang. There's lots of ppl from other society too. I'm representing Geo Club.... upon request of the chairperson Prof. Goh CM...
Other friends, Hilmi, Yong Shiung and Kian Meng was sitting nearby too. We joked and basically doing foolish things.

The party was dragged for a long time. I spent this time reading my book("George and the Marvellous Medicine", by Roald Dahl) and listening to my MP3 player. Finished my book, but the award-giving ceremony havent ended. :S

KY's happy today, he's able to "reunite" with his "long lost friend". Haha.... that person was somehow...... related to Carmen. :P

There's few interesting program going on at the farewell party. Their show was much better than last week's PP farewell. Perhaps is b'coz our teacher's limit, and we've not much time to prepare... so this year's PP farewell was did badly. :(
* Sorry, there's no post bout last Sat's PP farewell 'coz no time....
I can see ChinWei and his members are putting in lots of effort to bring success for this party, but too bad some technical prob affected the party.
* I would like to praise their audio system members, as the BGM they used is very good!! I like the effect!!

The food they prepared was good too, their fried meehoon taste good. I didnt eat much, dunno why... lost appetite.

The show continued later on.... there was drama, and award-giving ceremony going on... Heh, well at least they giving out a small souvenir. I like it, it's simple yet nice.

They play some crazy games after that. I didnt join them, I stand on a side watching the others playing crazily.
I was abit dissapointed, when KY tells me that the gang's going to cc, so we couldnt get back home together. :(

Sigh.... I'd to take bus back home.... too bad for me.... :(
I rather stay at home sleep more and online.... but still this farewell party was another kind of experience for myself. :D

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