01 July 2005

Weeked of Birthdays

Today reach school then rushing to complete my 2 PEKA reports. I'd to check everything again in order to met with teacher's requirements. Here gonna thank Lai Mun for helping me pring my Phyz PEKA's paper, and willing to send it straight to my table this morning. :D

During Moral lesson, Mdm Tan hint us about her retirement. She says she's having a count down timing for herself in Chong Hwa. She says she might be leaving the end of the year. Aikz.... if thi's true... Chong Hwa'll lost another good teacher. :(

Chem PEKA was a nice experience I think. Electrolysis experiment using 2 kinds of solutions, CuSO4{Copper(II) sulfate} & H2SO4{Sulfuric acid}.
My hand caught with the acid when I'm trying to get the acid, luckily it's not a strong substance(though H2SO4 is one of the most acidic acid), so my hand is ok, just felt a little cold on it. :)
Finally we manage to complete the whole experiment and report. 2 PEKAs, 1's done, 1 more to go!!

Eng class, Santhi wasnt feeling well, she left us do our own stuff for 2 periods, before she asked JuShua the monitor to copy answers for excercise. I'd a good nap though. :P

Last 2 period, Phyz. Head to lab to do the momentum experiment. Teacher want us to had 7 ppl in a group. I was late, so I can only choose to be with 3 other girls. Well that's not that bad at all, I help them setup the tools, and then began doing the experiment. The rest calculations ask them to figure out and let me copy. :P

I noticed not many ppl stayback to school eventhough it's Friday. Waited juniors to show up with their footballs, but still no sign of them. I wonders around PP room, ping pong room(which're helding ping pong competition at that time).
Finally juniors shows up, today they're replacing football with volleyball. Stil it's better than no ball to play. :)
I became the keeper. Conceaded 2 goals, 1 own goal and 1 silly mistake of myself.
1st goal was deflected to one of my team's leg and send the ball to the other side and goal.
2nd goal was a funny one. The striker rush infront without any defenders defending, so I decided to slide-tacke(my pro XD) the striker. I caught him off-balance, but he's still having the ball. I couldnt get up so fast and let that striker scores a free-goal. X___X

Later, Sam's father fetch me to a nearby bus stop and I ride home with bus. End of the week.

Birthday? Well many ppl're having birthday this week. Francyne from my class had birthday today, Ming Hong gave her a cute puppy doll.
Siew Mei from the next class recieved lots of gifts today as I noticed. She's popular in school, so lots of gifts for her are normal I guess.
A few boys from other classes had birthday too, but I didnt know who're them 'coz I didnt pay attention when others are talking about those guys' birthday. They're planning to celebrate in cyber cafe. (~___~")

Tomorrow I'm going to goto Mei Gie's house to celebrate her birthday, along with PP friends. Right now I still dunno what to give her, but I know she likes Harry Potter.


  1. With 3 girls still not bad summore? Consider good already lah, can call them do everything.

  2. yes..got 3gals ma..u jus setup da thing and ask them do all calculation. I aso wana do that but mostly I'm the one kena the setup & calculation, and the gal jus chit-chat..but nvm, i aso copy frm others..

    hey dude, careful with H2SO4. Not that strong but stil can 'destroy' ur hand...

  3. Kiasi,

    Haha... of course I also got do my job lar... not just throw everything to them. :P


    Am looking foward to coorperate with them next time. :D
    Of course I know acid are dangerous. :P