30 June 2005

Mdm Quah's farewell

Today no need bring so much books to school, I just bring my tuition notes and few books and off to school. Today school's holding another event, the farewell of one of our school admin, Mdm Quah's departure. She's going to be the principal of SMK Bkt Bintang Lelaki(a school with a name something like this, boys only), Petaling Jaya.
Oh of course I do bring my cam to snap few pics of this event. :P

During BM lesson I skipped the class, 'coz mostly Ahmad Sukri was not teaching. Went to PP room to look what's ppl up to. HAM and Mun Hoe was there busy preparing gifts for the farewell. HAM also tells me the responsibility of being a group leader. He tells me for the first volume, it was half failure. He says I must take in charge more than anyone else and cooperate with other members too. Hmm.... I should really take this job more serious. Oh btw, am talking about the "Qiao" thing. :)

After recess, everyone was called to assemble at the activity center. I joined Eric's Photography Club to take photos today. With them, I'm able to capture photos in a better angle. :)
I was with Eric, Siu Cheng, Yong Wei & Jian Shern taking photos from different views and angles.

Mdm Quah

Mdm Quah giving her last lesson.


More photos can be found here....

It was my pleassure to be taking photos with those guys. :D

The farewell lasted 'til the bell rang. I rushed to the F6 classrooms to see wheter I can help the "eating session" covered by PP. It seems, everything is ok.
I rush back to PP room to met with group members and brief them about the group, "Qiao". Most of them attend are from afternoon session. I know my communicating skill with new ppl are bad, they looks dont really get what I'm talking about. Sigh.... going to tell them once again nxt week. :S


Athough Mdm Quah doesnt teach me before, but I know she's a nice teacher. I can feel that by the way I deal with "school business" with her.
Good luck in the new school Mdm Quah!! That's a next big step in your career!! :)

P/S: The position of Asst Admin is left empty now. Mdm Soong might be the one who'll take over the post soon. But rumour says there'll be new teacher coming next week. Hmm.... not sure about it, didnt heard that from teacher. But.... I believe things will be revealed next week.
You Gotta Be - Des'ree.

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