03 July 2005

Mei Gie's party

Evening, my sis send me to Chin Wei's house. Was around 6.30pm. Chin Wei was playing Scrabble with Kian Meng at that time I reach his house. Chin Wei's mother was frying fries and nuggets for the party. Myself and Kian Meng doesnt prepare anything, just bring ourselves go. XD

Around 7.30pm, we're set to goto Mei Gie's house. We stop by Huey Jiun's house before we goto MG's house. We're planning to had a suprise party for her.
I was suprise, HJ's house was actually next to Wai Keong, the head librarian's house. Some of my friends are lurking in Wai Keong's house, preparing the birthday card for MG. Later when we all are done preparing everything, we walk to MG's house, not so far away.

MG's living at the ground floor of an apartment. There're other guests in her house, but they leave soon after we reach her house. MG's mother was kind enough to let us youngsters "gain control" of everything in the house. I was hungry at that time, so I didnt give any excuses for myself to eat as much as I can. :P

Later when we're done with eating, we play games to finish off all the food. The game was fun, though it last 'til very late. After MG blew her cake, I'm almost time to go home. My sis isnt so happy fetching me back very late.

It's a great party, regardless the small place. I enjoy it, and I hope someone else can invite me over his/her birthday party next time. :P


MG blowing the candle.
Mei Gie blowing the candle

3 girls.
The girls

HAM & Ing

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