05 July 2005

Under One Roof

2nd sis came back ystrdy night from ShangHai. Elder sis fetch her back from KLIA at night, with my dinner, satay. :D
Sis brought back few DVDs and 1 optical mouse back for me. Kekeke... now I've Yanni's concert collection, "Live At The Acropolis" & "Tribute".

Monday, back to school again. Getting busy and busier too. Finall the teacher advisor willing to take a look at the magz "Qiao", this time dealing with her is easier. :)

Nothing much happend in school today, just EST class ended with 3 strokes of cane by Santhi to 3 classmates. XD

Tuition was suprisely paying 100% attention. Bio and Phyz are ok I guess.

When I reach home, 2nd sis informs me that parents're coming back tonight. It was 1 day earlier than their planning. Elder sis again become the driver to fetch parents back from KLIA.

It's good, now my familys' back together again, 'til end of Aug, when my sis are going back for their next semester. For now, I'll enjoy having the moments with my family!! :D

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