06 July 2005

Ass Hole!!

I dunno why, today I'm not in my best mood. I'm easily pissed than any other days before.
First, Ms Lee's rant on the assembly totally mess up the day for many ppl, esp Kelab Penyelenggaraan members. Sigh..... why that bitch always like to act so "godly" and have the right to scold others? She's just a normal teacher, and she's a "bullet-proof-thick" face. I hope that bitch think wisely before she take any kinds of action, even though she treat me nice.

Second, when I inform Mun Hoe that I cant stay back to settle the "Qiao" with afternoon session teacher, he asked me why, I'm pissed and reply him rudely, but luckily he didnt say anything much about it.

Third, physical edu lesson was called off. Morthy didnt come today, reliefed by Ms Chan SL. That bitch.... dont allow us play and ask us change back to uniform. The fact that, she's irresponsible and lazy to let us enjoy our games. Her attitude sux... really sux... asked me to call back everyone out there back in class within 5 mins. I was pissed, totally, I do not dare to challenge her, nor act foolishly. But I really cant stand it, I hit the wall outside my classroom hardly, right now my hand's stil pain. :S
Classmates are reluctant to change back to uniform, esp girls. Some boys ignore the teacher and join the other class to play. Few ppl plead Ms Chan let us play, but she's stil an ass-hole bitch, giving LAME excuses to let us stay in class. FUCK.....

To settle down classmates took 1 period, 1 more empty period. Heard Chandran isnt around today, so 2 periods of history was empty too. Luckily I manage to done all my AddMath exercise. :)

Father came to school to get my report book after school. Teacher didnt give much comments, and father did not question me too much. Phew~~


  1. oohh..no wonder u so 'angry' yesday. Reply aso that 'pissed off'. Talk like I've owe u a million dollar or steal ur SYT.

    Or isit u really dunwan talk wit me?!

  2. Sorry, not having the mood to chat lately. :\