06 July 2005


Reach school early in the morning.... earlier than usual. Rest in class about 20 mins then had a walk to PP room. Nowdays I felt uncomfortable to stay too long time in PP room, esp with the present of Sun Hua, HAM & the other 2 SYTs(Ing and HJ). I tried to stay away from them, and I'm not in the mood to mess with them. I think mainly is b'coz the "Qiao" thing. Yea they help me alot, but I dont like the stress I'd now. Keeping thinking and wondering what should I do next for the next volume.

Eng lesson.... started with 2 strokes of cane by Santhi. Ming Hong & Jun Keat refuse to pass up her homework, and she's pissed and cane both of them. Is like watching movie, nowdays rarely saw teacher beat student. XD

After recess, 3 periods of empty class. Decided to use the time to check out a image CD I bought ystrdy. Later last 2 period having lots of experiment to make in Chem lab.

I was pissed, 2 girls in my group are useless..... only letting 3 of us boys take care of almost the whole experiment. They say they dunno what to do, and I tell them to check what's the nxt step to ensemble the experiment. They just sit there see us boys do. We're unable to complete the experiment 'coz only 3/5 ppl working, and we're mess up with the experiments. Arghh..... hate it!!!

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  1. wah..look like our fren here is in bad mood this few day.

    Hey boy, Life is so short. Enjoy it. Dun waste it with those 'bad mood'.