16 July 2005

Warm Heart

What a day! Though the weather is bad, but I'm in good mood today!! :D

Well, first it starts with Mdm Tan's moral lesson. Well this time it was different, all of us burst into laughters when she tell us stories bout her former students in the school. From gangsters to Mat Racers(taken from Simon's blog.) Walao... those stories are really funny and I laugh untill stomach-ache. XD

Next, Chem lesson. Today's doing chemical battery experiment. Discovered some new chemicals today, AgNO3(didnt check, should be like this.), Argentum Nitrit. Actually no big deal, but I was fresh with this chem. Heard teacher says the big bottle of that chem solution can cost up to hundreds. :S
Overall today's experiment was fun, though I still hold grudges with 2 other girls 'coz not really want to do experiment, instead they keeps on talking bout movies. :
Santhi came back today after few days she's absent. Nothing big deal happend.

Phyz lesson, ehehe... skipped Ms Nee's class again. :P
This time sneak into SRM room read a novel plus listening to music. I was hooked with this book, "Matilda" written by Roald Dahl. I dont read these kind of books usually, but this book is really interesting. Though it's meant for younger age kids, but I still enjoy reading the book. :)

Final bell rang, and it's raining. Today lots of things to do, mainly to setup PP's interview section. Well, usually my job is to carry things and put it in order, and help them to mantain the students around. Hmm.... that SYT junior I mentioned ystrdy was one of the interviewer too. Too bad cant join her to interview. :
After rearrange the tables and chairs, I head down to canteen. On the way, Siu Cheng & Eric informed me bout my job for Photography Club's farewell party in Aug. I'm in charge of teh program booklett. Will try to do the best. ;)

After having lunch, I called Squall. He say he's coming to school, and I waited him in library. Hmm.... done 3/4 of the novel. Noticed many friends are in the library too, mainly discussing their own stuff. I was too concentrate reading book untill didnt notice Squall actually pops out at the table infront of me. Hahaha.... after few chat with his friends, he fetch me back home.
P/S: Squall ar, next time if can drive faster!! XD

Well, tomorrow still got Geo Club's class. Sigh.... but hopefully Ms Lee wont be as crazy as she was recently. She's in very bad mood after dispute with her band members. :S

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