18 July 2005

Delicious Weekend

Only this weekend, my family are free to had a reunion together. It's good to have everyone reunite together, since both of my sis spent most of their time in China. :
Saturday night, we had dinner with my father's friend in a restaurant somewhere near my school. Typical chinese road-side restaurant, but the food is very nice. :D
On the way back, father says tomorrow morning we're going to KLCC to take a look at the new Maxis 3G stuff. We're of course delighted, and was excited with the free 3G phone stuff(according to my father).

Sunday morning I wake up at 9am. We're planning to go KLCC around 10am, in the end we went there somewhere around 10.30am.
Well about the Maxis 3G stuff, we're dissapointed(in chinese, 炸到) 'coz the 3G stuff is only in a small booth. We quickly lost interest about the 3G thingy. We head to Tower Records later.
I was dissapointed, I'm planning to find WILD's album & also Maksim's DVD{still no idea where can I get this. :( }. I bought nothing, sis bought few cassetts cheaply. Kinokuniya is the next place we went.
Since Harry Potter 6 just released ystrdy, so there's many promo stuff about that book. Retail price is RM 99. Hmm....

Afternoon, we had lunch at Purple Cane(紫藤) restaurant in "The Chinese Hall"(中华大会堂). Had lunch with my father's friend, a professor. Had lunch from 12.30pm 'til 4pm. They're having a long chat. I must say that professor really is a pro. His stories about chinese culture and other cultures is superb. EDITED
History can be fun if been taught by someone who really know everything about it. :)

Went home to rest awhile. Had quick nap then refresh myself to had dinner in J.W. Marriot hotel near Bkt Bintang area. This time a Dato' invite us for the dinner. When we're almost there, I notice afew Lamborghini Murcielagos(!) parking infront of the hotel next to J.W. Marriot, Westin Hotel. This is the first time I saw such super car on the road. I requested to take a pic with the supercar but was turn down by my father. Whoa.... isnt easy to get to see such superior car, which cost millions. (O_O)
Had a quick shop in Carrefour later. Family wanted to buy some goods and food to store. Noticed Carrefour's selling Harry Potter 6 cheaper than KLCC, RM 89.90 + RM 5 voucher. It's cheap, but too bad my father dont let me buy it. :(
Since I didnt read spoilers or brief about the story, so I'm eager to get the book and read it. (>__<)

Tomorrow's going to back to school again. Sigh... oh well. Exam's coming next week(26~28 July). Gonna do some revision now.

P/S: If anyone dunno what car is Lamborghini Murcielago, take a look at this...

I think it cost about RM 10 Million in Malaysia......

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