18 July 2005

Blonde Girl in School

Well, Monday morning as usual, have assembly at the activity centre. Boring announcement and so on keeps on going, and then suddently noticed a blonde hair person standing at the 1st floor in school uniform. Didnt had a close look bout that person but I'm sure that's a girl, she's not an Asian for sure, too. Not only me, some also noticed the appearence of that girl. We're all excited, wanted to know how on Earth a blonde girl appears in our school in uniform.
Mdm Soong(school admin) didnt hint us anything about the girl's appearence, left most of us guess and guess.

Later had computer lesson in the 3rd floor. Too bad this time we could only "play" for 1 period(30 mins) 'coz the damn'd assembly wasted lots of time. :I didnt put that blonde girl I saw in my mind.

Later was in Bio lab attending Bio lesson(of course!). Teacher says the last class's(4S2) boys went craze when the blonde girl passed by. Later we talk about the blonde girl, who's she, her orgin, what's she up to in our school.... etc. Some joked, she's the only person who're permitted to had blonde hair in our school. Heh... lots of guessing on that girl.

Recess time, also the time to exchange info from other schoolmates.
Some said, the girl's from Germany; some said, the girl's here for some sort of oversea exchange stuff; some said, she'll be in our school for 1 year(!), 'til next year June, etc etc....
Well the most controversial issue is what class the girl will be studying, if she's really want to settle down here in Chong Hwa for 1 year.
Spectulation shows that the girl has higher chance to join in class 4S2. I disagree with this, 'coz S2 has lots of ppl alrdy, and the boys & girls ratio are almost equal. They dont deserve the girl. :P
I do agree the girl join 4S1, 'coz 4S1 only have 10 girls and 20+ boys. S1 boys will be happy if she really join them.
Some say she might join my class S3, since one of my classmate recently shifted to another class.
But whatever it is, it'll be revealed by tomorrow. In the end the girl didnt show up anywhere in the school. Hmm....

Hmm.... I'm lazy to blog about the rest thing happend in our school.

Tuition.... tried to concentrate in Sundram's Bio lesson but still couldnt control myself felt asleep half-way. The notes I copied when I'm sleepy is like "words written by ghost", unreadible. :
Nothing much, that's all.

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