19 July 2005

Puzzle Solved

Like I said ystrdy, the puzzle is solved this morning. During assembly, Mdm Allagami, the teacher of 4S1 bring the blonde girl to their class. Lots of dissapointments can be heard from 4S2 classmates. 'coz that girl "suppose" to be in their class. Oh well, Mdm Soong's final decision were right I think, S1 deserevs some "excitment". :)

First few periods was blank, Santhi didnt shows up in class and Ms Phoon was absent today, so in the end no teacher came into the class. Spent that time finish my unfinish Add Math works, and also chat with friends.

Hmm.... after recess had physical edu. This time I manage to get teacher's pass faster, and get equipments from QM room faster. No delay, sweet. :)
Today played football in the field infront, since the ground looks ok to us. S4 and S3 VS each others this time. Good game, as my team(S3) won in the end. Scored few goals too. :P

The rest history and chinese lesson was nothing special at all, nothing special happend.

Well, time passed, as the bell rang and I head to canteen to had lunch. Noticed KY them wasnt at their usual hangout seat. Since cant find anyone of them, so today have to go home by myself. Tired. :(

When I reach home, online MSN and saw KY's online. Asked him, then he reply saying he's in cc playing for 1 hour. Oh my... he's just cant live without game.... (-____-")

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