16 July 2005

Maksim and his composer, Tonci Huljic

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Pics taken from MaksimMrvica.com.

Pic shows that Maksim(left) are posing a pic with his main composer, Tonci Huljic(2nd left) and the members of the band WILD.
T. Huljic composed lots of songs for crossover classical artist like Maksim, Vanessae Mae, and WILD. My fav song composed by him would be "Croatian Rhapsody", performed by Maksim. ;)

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  1. hi hi! I've just been trying to find some info on Wild, and came across your diary. I also Love Maksim, and my fave is song is also croatian Rhapsody. I'm a classical pianist myself and am trying to play it at the moment. glad there are others out there who have heard of these guys! Rich