15 July 2005

1/4 in School

Well, as I said ystrdy, morning I'd dental appointment. Called up by sis around 9am, prepares myself and left around 9.30am. Reach the dental clinic at 9.40am. Waited 'til 10.15am only go into the "chamber of fear".
This time's treatment are ok, the dentist didnt bables annoying words anymore. Afew complains bout my teeth, nothing else.
Treatment ended at 11am. Next appointment will be on 8th of Sept. 2 months to go.

Took LRT back to Wangsa Maju LRT, then took taxi to my school. Reached school at 11.30am. Totally cost: RM 1.30(LRT) + RM 5(taxi fare) = RM6.30.

Ms Nee'd switched lesson with Premmah, so I missed Bio today. :Class was doing some presentation bout Physic theories. Bored. :
M.Math period nothing much, just copy the notes as usual.

Sun Hua asked all PP members gathered at 1pm. Brief us bout tomorrow's new members interview, and some new rules in PP room. Nothing much, as tomorrow I dont have duty for the interview stuff.
After lunch, helped PP friends to advertise the new members interview stuff in F1 classes. Left them around 2pm 'coz gtg to tuition. :S
I'd talk with few F3 PP members. It's good to had good communication with them, as they'll be taking our place next year. Hmm... noticed a cute girl in one of them. Last time didnt talk to her before, but now she's eager to talk. :D

Tuition.... Add Math lesson didnt pay much attention at the beginning, 'coz was busy playing my friend's h'phone. :P
Chem lesson, do some questions. I'm quite satisfy with myself, but too bad got few mistakes and 1 or 2 unknown questions. :
Later had meal at the same mamak again. Stupid waiter, took my order wrongly. I ordered maggi goreng but gave me mee goreng. Had to eat it 'coz no time to wait for them to cook maggi goreng, and the mee goreng taste not so good. :(

What'll happen tomorrow? I believe it'll be another busy day for me. Hehehe...

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