13 July 2005

Sigh.... tomorrow....

I'll say what's happening today before I say 'bout tomorrow......

Reach school, still sleepy, tried to take a nap awhile but was bugged by Say Chong's loud voice.... disturbed my nap. :(

Santhi didnt came today, 2 periods of Eng class was blank. Ms Phoon, the Add Math teacher came in to relief. She brief us about our Add Math project, and then handed us the questions. Hmm.... question regarding statistic calculation. Luckily we could discuss in group, and will be handed over the project 3 weeks later, 3rd of Aug. :
Ahmad Shurki shows up late at class later after recess. He's having our BM oral test today, I didnt even prepare anything about it!! But luckily, he allow us to read thru the text. I simply find an article based on M'sia patriotism issue and talk, moreover the source actually was from Dewan Siswa which the afternoon session threw into the rubbish bin lol!!
Test seems ok with me, no big deal. :)

On the way back, heard KY's computer having some prob. While his bro is using the com, the com shut down itself suddently, similiar to my case few months ago. :
While I was playing RO, KY msg me says he's at Tuan Kee's house, and coming to my house right after that. He and Tuan Kee later come to my house. Sigh..... KY that boy.... really cant live without PLAY.... that's his nature since 9 years ago I know him. :\ 死性不该。

Well anyway, tomorrow morning I'll be going to the "Chamber of Fear" again. Dental appointment is one of my worst memories ever in my life.... I'd bad reputation of dental business... Arggh.... oh well tomorrow still have to face the dentist, cant blame her 'coz if it's not her, I'll look worse by now. Ppl say after I put on braces, I look a little better. :P

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