12 July 2005


Was in sleepy mood today, probably ystrdy night didnt sleep very well. :Tried to take a quick nap in school but I just cant fall asleep although there's no teacher in the class. :
Physical edu lesson, Morthy was absent again. My classmates are frustrated with last week's bitchin' incident. To assure we can play today, I checked today's relievng teacher list. Luckily the teacher who takes over the lesson today was a good teacher. He agreed let us play and handed over his pass without questions. :)
As usual, football is my first choice. Since school band is training at the field, and the soil is not suitable to play(without proper football boots), so I decided to play at a new pavement behind. Was lucky few ppl join me play.
Nice ground, good game, but too bad the weather is TOO HOT!! I notice myself is darker after playing under the sunlight. If I play longer, I'll sure fainted on the spot b'coz of the heat. @___@
Still, I really enjoy 'coz it's been weeks I'm out of sports. :)

Chandran's history lesson again, and of course it's a great time. The facts he told us are funny, and the way he presents it. Heh, I wish he could keep on teaching me next year.

Later had lunch with KY them at canteen, and then took a ride home, thx to KY's mother again. :)

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