12 July 2005

A fine day


Everything goes on my way today. Am looking foward for next volume of "Qiao". Less negative effect than I thougth last week, when I felt unpleasent with those who helped me. :
Ms Phoon the Add Math teacher was doing her stuff and skipped Add Math class. Chandran ask us read textbook and saw 3 girls punished run the field 3 turns. XD
Chinese period..... lots of stories by the teacher.
Moral nothing much to say, still the same o' Mdm Tan with her jokes and copies.

No EST, as Santhi absent today. I used the time to ask fellow "Qiao" members to prepare for Aug volume. Later walk to tuition, the weather doesnt look good.

Tuition... oh well. Slept in Bio class awhile 'coz too tired. Z___Z
Phyz lesson spent most of time playing friend's h'phone. :P
Waiting for the bell rang and eat, as I'm hungry at that moment.

Had Nescafe + Maggi goreng, RM4.50. Delicious!! :P


  1. Nescafe + Maggi goreng, RM4.50.

    So expensive? Can get RM3 at here.

  2. Got extra add prawn and egg mar....