10 July 2005

Chong Hwa's 1st Leadership Camp

Early in the morning wake up by father, 10 mins earlier than my alarm clock rang. ~__~
Later reach school around 7.10am, still early as we're suppose to reach there 7.30am.

Good thing about this camp is altough it's a half-day camp, but I'm familiar with everything. All the participants are my friends, and the camp is held in my school. :)

I was in the same team with Police Cadet & Prefect's chairperson, Siu Cheng and Han Xin. I know most of the team members as well. :)

Well, I'm too tired to talk about games we played, how fun it was!! :D
Everyone's enjoying their time!!
Siu Cheng and me makes a good partner together!! :)

Pics.... too bad wasnt able to take photo all the time 'coz I keep my cam in beg.

Sweet Young Things

Da Man!!
Da man!

Me VS annonymous
CLF VS anonymous

Video of me playing "ao sao gua", "wrist gamble" with Lee Da Xiang, Kadet Remaja Sekolah's chairperson. Hahaha... I really like this video. :P
CLF vs LDX (less than 1MB).
Maybe someone will say me bully DX, but what the heck, it's over and everyone had a great time!! :D

Gotto thanks Chun Meng for putting my name into the list of this camp. I really enjoy it!! :D
Maybe this post is not as interesting as it suppose to be, it's b'coz I'm very tired now.... being in school since 7am 'til 5.30pm.......... (@____@)


  1. I sucks at arm wrestling, I got no muscle.

  2. LOL! I don't see what is up with guys and arm wrestling! My cousin LOVES to arm wrestle andhe's always bugging ME to arm wrestle but I always lose because I'm so weak :P

    ~ Sara

  3. Kiasi,

    Me too, I'm weak in arm wrestling. I didnt train my arm. :(


    Hey long time didnt heard news from u!! Wish you like in ur MaksimMrvica.com!!
    Mostly we play arm wrestling to show who's da man. B)

  4. LoL .... I still remember back in Form 4 I won the champion for right hand arm wrestling and first runners up for left hand, both in light weight. It's because I'm not big size so can bully those younger than me but almost the same size as mine. Nyek nyek nyek ....

    Oh, shit ....
    I just realized you are studying in the school near the place I stayed 3 years ago, Teratai Mewah !! Anyway, hows the place become now?

  5. SapiensBryan,

    Haha... that's interesting. :D
    Well, not much changes around there, no further development other than Prima Setapak area nearby.