09 July 2005

Rise and Fall

Interesting, lots of interesting things happend today. First early in the morning helped Karen finalize some minor stuff for tomorrow's leadership camp.

Today's Moral lesson might be one of the most memorable to me. Lots of jokes by Mdm Tan, I enjoyed the story she says the stray dogs in her housing area mess up with the dustbin and think the girl's sanitary pad as "bread + strawberry jam" and eat it. Everyone in the class laugh out loudly(LOL). :D

Then, Chem period, goes to Chem lab. Today's experiment was fun. Purification(penulenan) & coating(penyaduran) is the purpose for this time's experiment. Pn Noor Hayati allow us to try on using our coins as cathode(katod). Some tried with keys. The result was fun, most objects we used as cathod turn into pinkish red, and darker red, as we're coating using Cuprum.
My team tried putting 1 sen coin as anode & 20 sen as cathode. In the end, the result was the 20 sen is coated in red while the 1 sen is getting thinner/lighter 'coz it's Cuprum element had been extracted and coated to the 20 sen coin. XD

Eng lesson nothing special. Santhi discussed comprehension exercise questions. Reminds us nxt Monday wont be having EST 'coz she's not around. Yay.

Phyz lesson, I skipped. Went to SRM room "help" Karen with her preparation for the camp. Later Yong Fei & Shyn Jn join in. They're skipping Chandran's history lesson. :P
I asked Chun Meng wheter I need to attend a seminar for secretary & treasurer which will be held during afternoon. I dont really want attend the seminar 'coz I'm neither club secretary nor treasurer, it's non of my business.
Bored helping Karen, since the work are almost done. Notice juniors are playing football behind, so I join in.

This time those kids are using some xpensive ball.
Beckham's Adidas ball....

and also Adidas Pelias X-ite

Some stupid fella kicked the Beckham's ball out of the school, so we played another ball, luckily. Good game, I enjoy it, but the game ended in not a good way.
I bump in with Mun Hoe & Sun Hua, while I was not wearing my PP tie. Both of them of course not happy with me, 'coz I'm now following their rules. Anyhow, Mun Hoe passed me the new group leader badge. Kekekek.... look quite nice, got my name printed on it lol.
After that I took bus head home....

Computer on is the first thing I do when I reach home. Online awhile, but then dc'd. Strmyx is causing prob again. I tried to connect with my sis' laptop also facing the same prob. Frustrated, then took a nap. 5pm - 7.30pm. Zzz....

Woke up, Strmyx still got prob, watch TV and had dinner. Played The Sims 2 after that.

Father came back, with lots of food. I ate 1 fried chicken drumstick, 2 pieces of durian, and 1 “芽菜鸡”. Stomach full. :D

'til 11.30pm only I discover Strmyx is back to normal. Oh well.... am blogging here soon after I get connected back to the net. :\

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