22 July 2005


* Sorry, ystrdy was busy and tired, so I didnt blog anything from ystrdy.

Early in the morning, Mun Hoe asked me help him to write a speech to welcome the German girl Nina, as what Mdm Soong requested him to do. Since he asked, so I decide to help him write.
During assembly, JiaYi from another PP group asked wheter want to interview Nina or not. I and TohWai agrees, 'coz this is a very good info to do my Qiao. :)

Well after the assembly we went to APD room to watch "Tri Nation". Boring... but luckily I spent that time to figure out questions for the interview.

During BM lesson, I sneak out from the class and head to 4S1 to ask Nina out. We're having our interview session in the library 'coz it's more comfortable. She's answer the questions swiftly, and the interview session went very well. I've got lots of usuful info. :D One thing I regret is I didnt bring my cam, else I could take a close pic of her. :
I didnt eat after the interview session. While I'm back in my class to sort out the interview stuff, someone called me head to Science Lab 4. I'm not sure what's up I'm going there. When I reach there found out that it's going on with K3M(Kuiz Kimia Kebangsaan Malaysia), chemical quiz stuff. Actually I'm not in this quiz, but I wanted to participate so I asked my chem teacher ystrdy. Heh, thx to her I'm in the game. :)
The questions are hard.... I didnt revise mols calculation stuff, so I skipped most of those part. 40 questios, 20 in BM and 20 in Eng. I'm still a beginner, so I found most of the questions tough. I was given a nicely printed periodic table for the quiz. Nice... I need one this thing somewhere so I can check it anytime I want. :)

Bio and Phyz lesson was empty. Mdm Preammah and Ms Nee was absent, so no teacher's in the class. Spent this time sorting out the interview stuff I've done earlier. But then I dont have the time to help Mun Hoe write his speech. :S

After school, I promised Mun Hoe I'll hand over the speech to him by Friday. After lunch then I walk to tuition as usual.

Ystrdy night I sleep quite late, so I'm very tired. I slept in Chem class for some time. Luckily the teacher doesnt pick me up. Manage to copy down everything when I'm awaken.

I watch Initial D's DVD straighly after I reach home. 2 hours time spent infront of com. Haha.... it's a nice movie, but I prefer more drifting action. I simply love Jay's post when he drive with one hand, looks relaxing. XD

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