23 July 2005

Friday Frenzy

* Ystrdy night Blogger went down, so couldnt blog about ystrdy. Today will repost.

Morning handed over the speech I written ystrdy to Mun Hoe. He didnt give any comment.
Today's Moral lesson was terrible. Mdm Tan was angry with us 'coz we didnt pass up the books as she said. I'm more worse, 'coz I havent finish paste my papers into the book. Aikz.... Today's Moral was bad. :
I skipped Chem lesson and goto SRM room, with the excuse I'm helping teacher do complete the divider she asked. Planned to print a something but the CD-ROM is not working. No choice, cant do anything, so just stay inside there play O2Mania(someone installed inside the com). :P

Recess time, Mun Hoe says many ppl in his class praise the speech I wrote. Hehe..... I felt proud about that. :)

Last 2 period of Phyz lesson headed into SRM room, with Yong Fei and Shyn Jn. We tried to fix the faulty CD-ROM but still cant fix it. :(
Sigh... wasted too much time to fix it untill the bell rang.

I prepared myself, and then head to F3 classes to participate the Chinese Society quiz competition. My fav competition in school, and I done all the quiz quite fast. Other chinese literacy stuff, most of the other questions I know how to do. :)

After that, I went to behind to play football. Those juniors again, and they're uing crappy ball. After awhile playing, someone throw in a better ball, Adidas Pelias. At the same time, my friend Joseph and Weng Joew join in. 3 F4s + F2s VS F1s. A great match, I've scored 1 long range goal. Noticed those juniors are having potential becoming better player. A nice game, but b'coz I'm too tired to I quit the game earlier. After some rest, I head to Cyber Time to catch up with KY them.

KY them, as usual are craze about DoTA. Hmm.... they play 2 games, and won 2 games. Was exciting to see them playing. Waited them finish play 'til 4pm like that then follow them back.

What a day, lots of fun stuff going on. Too bad next week I'll had 2nd monthly test. :(
Tomorrow going to Kuen Cheng to participate in another quiz competition. 'til then ciaoz.


  1. Kuan Cheng ah moi macam mana ah? Tsui ah?

  2. Not pretty IMO.... I stil prefer my school's. :P

  3. Test is coming soon. And you still can really enjoy your life. It is a good sign to become a bright student.

    Enjoy life also means study too. Not just playing.

    Kuan Cheng amoi not as pretty as Chong Hwa amoi. Then need to visit the school in sometime.

  4. Young Brat,

    Heheh, some subjects are enjoying I must say. :)

    Haha... Kuen Cheng all short hair girl.... while Chong Hwa many more pretty one. XD

    Anyway, welcome to the world of BLOGGING!! :)