23 July 2005

Quizzie Competition in Kuen Cheng.

Arghh.... Sat morning still need to wake up early to goto school. Didnt have the mood 'coz wanna sleep more. :P
Today's business is participate a quiz competition held in Kuen Cheng High School. Actually I'm replacing someone who're absent today.

I noticed, bus trip from my school to Kuen Cheng arent that far, about 15 or 20 mins reach there alrdy, or maybe today dont have traffic jam.
Well, a brief about the school Kuen Cheng High School. In chinese it's called 坤成女中. It's a girl school. Boys are "rare species" inside this school.

We reach there earlier, so we're free to wonderz around within the school. I dare not go too deep in the school 'coz 1st it's a girl's school, 2nd I'm not familiar with the place, dare not walk too far. After taking some photos, headed to a corner to register.

Hmm.... I've finish 150 questions within 1 hour. Other than chinese literacy and economic stuff, I think I can do 60% the rest of the questions. I was stupid enough to write a wrong answer. Question is "Which team's this year's EPL champ?" I'm stupid enough to put ARSENAL instead of CHEALSEA. Sigh.... oh well. :(

Later took the bus back to school. Played badminton with friends awhile in school before my sis come fetch me.

Oh well, I'm gonna start doing revision now. Exam's next week, and I havent revise anything yet. :S

Photos I took on the way.

05 July 23 - Kuen Cheng School competition 001
Kuen Cheng High School's School Band
Kuen Cheng High School Girl's Dormitory
SYTs playing volleyball
Kuen Cheng High School
Kuen Cheng High School
Monarail Station + two 5-star Hotel
Monorail + Collage Methodist
Main buildings
Kuen Cheng's canteen
05 July 23 - Kuen Cheng School competition 002

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