21 July 2005

Harry Potter Frenzy!

Ystrdy I blogged something about Harry Potter....

Harry Potter 6: The Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter 4 The Movie: The Goblet of Fire

Today, came across lots of interesting stuff bout Harry Potter's world. I read most of them thru MuggleNet. A great site with interesting customize-able layout. To change the layout, simply press on the small icons on the right hand site, near the SEARCH bar.

And then... I came across this HEAVY SPOILER SITE at Wikipedia.
I'm "proud" to say, that I might the be first person in my school to actually "finish" digest the whole story in HP 6. XD
Yea I know it's bad to read the spoilt part, but what the heck! I will know the story sooner or later. I'll still read the book when I buy it some other day later.

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