21 July 2005

Mysteries Solved.

Hmm.... cant remember much what happend this morning, but I just remember Santhi, my Eng teahcer mentioned the blonde girl I talked about recently. What she told us is something we knew, as we'd more reliable info from 4S1. It seems everyone in the school is having interest with this German girl doing in the school.

After recess, Ahmad Shukri came into the class to finish off our BM oral test. On the half-way, Loo Yee from S1 bring in the German girl. We, of course are happy to have this "VIP" to pay a visit to our class. My first impression towards her closely that she's a shy girl, and other than her eyes and hair color, she's just like other girls around. We asked some questions and she answered. Firstly I couldnt listen to her answers clearly, as she speaks in a very shy way. I later sit infront in a vacant space so I can hear her answer clearly.
Well according to her, she having really decide what class she'll probably join. For now she's just "staying" in S1 for awhile. I asked quite some questions, and probably I'm the one who asked the most questions. She then introduce herself to us, name is Nina and she's 16. Came from Germany(not sure which part, 'coz she didnt speak clearly). She then introduce herself in German. I only understand her name "Nina" and "Deutchland", means Germany. She's capable to speak German, English and French. She'd visited lots of other countries, like England, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, India.... etc.
After she left the class, I was teased by classmates 'coz I'd asked almost all the questions. :P

Today's Chem lesson was a dull one for many, but I found this time's lesson was actually a good lesson for myself to understand the process of electrochemical stuff.

Today PP was having a meeting about the farewell party planned to go on on the 30th of July. Ing was the person in charge of the whole thing this time. Was suprise this time they include more F4 members than F3 members. Had a boring and dull meeting 'til 3.30pm.... *yawn*. Too bad Ing's too busy to plan the time and settle the jobs to other groups. Too bad in the end she shifted me from photography to audio system staff. I wanted photography but too bad she shifted me. :(
Photography job was handed to Chin Wei and Kian Meng.

I walk back with Kian Meng to Chin Wei's house later. Chin Wei was suppose to join us back right after we left, but when we reach his house, he isnt there. I cant wait any longer, so I hail a taxi and head home.

Today was excited with Harry Potter 6 stuff. Will blog about that on next post. ;)

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