27 July 2005

Exam Day 2 - 27 July 05

Paper #5, History.

I manage to understand most of the questions. Not a tough one for me. :)
I still dunno why many hate this subject. :S

Paper #6, Chemistry.

First 10 marks of the questions I answer it without any prob. But then.... the rest of 10 marks are tough one.
The question is about chemical cell. Need to write an experiment which I dont really understand. I simply draw a diagram and throw in few bullshits hope to get few more marks. In the end.... I only know that the experiment was about Daniell cell. Sigh.... I think I could only get 10/20 marks in Chem paper. :(


Bought food back to class. Eat while I'm reading. Today bought my "fav" fries, added with lots of salt. XD

Paper #7, Additional Math.

I always think this is a tough subject, but today's paper was fun. :P
I dunno how on Earth I know how to do every questions!!! If I didnt do any mistakes, I might have hook in 20 marks for the Math!! :P

Paper #8, Moral.

Bad.... really bad.... I've tried to memorize all the values and definitions, but once I get the paper, I'm totally blank. Maybe is the noise caused by F3 morons outside my class, or maybe is I'm too nervous.... those values and definitions flew out of my mind. I've tried what Chng said in May, that method doesnt work 'coz I forgot everything immediately. :(
My first Moral exam, dated in March, failed. I was scolded by my teacher Mdm Tan badly for that, and I dont want that happen again. That's embarrasing. (~___~")

Tomorrow's the last day, gonna have Bio, Phyz and EST paper. I'll study for the 1st two subjects, and leave EST alone since I can do it without revise it. :P

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  1. ohh. my fren here. Calm down la..nervous will sure forget evything. 'dam ting yau chin jing'(cantonese proverb[no worry sure have money left]). If u fail to memorize all the values, then mayb u need to generate slogan for all the value. Jus like how u memorize the Periodic Table(do u hv any skil in memorizing all those??)

    Its good to hear that u can answer most of the Add Math ques. Got great improvement. Keep on going. Supporter here support u.