26 July 2005

Exam Day 1 - 26 July 05

Paper #1, Chinese.

All of us are "die-hard"ing memorize chinese's terms (名句). In the end the paper was fairly easy for me, those terms are easy too. :D

Paper #2, B.Melayu.

I think the teacher who set the question is primary school's teachers. Those questions I must say are UPSR standard!! XD
No challenge at all!! :
Class teacher Ms Lim bought us cakes to "celebrate" her birthday while she's away for a meeting today. The cake is too creamy, I dont like it that much. :We of course repay our teacher in another way. :P

Paper #3, English.

Hahaha..... the paper is easy for me!! But the paper is a little tricky, just few questions bugging me for awhile. Still I finish it off without any prob!
Morthy disturbed us awhile. He's a joker himself with some lame and foolish joke. Whatever it is, at least he hint us about the coming Math exam.

Paper #4, Modern Math.

Few moments before the exam begins, one of my classmate Susan cried, b'coz she'd forgotten to bring calculator for the Math exam. I must say she's lucky, today's Math paper is ease and can finish it without using calculator. If tomorrow Add Math she didnt bring calculator.... there's high chance of failing that subject. :S
Anyway, the Math paper was ease, though Math always have few tricky questions.

Tomorrow's the biggest challange of all. I'll be having History, Chem, Add Math and Moral. All of these are tough subjects, esp Moral(which I refer as MORON). Lots of things need to memorize.... ARGHH!!!!

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