25 July 2005


This morning, PP room was locked. Someone else locked the door with another lock, so everyone couldnt get into the room. :
Today's assembly starts with Mun Hoe's speech to welcome Nina. Well, he said Mdm Soong modified many parts of the speech I wrote last week, and he present it in a poor way, I must say. Later Nina gave her speech too, of course all the students are happy with her appearence. Her speech sounds something like what she told me during our interview session.

Spent most of the time revise M.Math note. Nothing much else, as I'm lazy to bother other subjects. Hmm.... few classmates absent today. I switch to the place beside Ming Hong, 'coz I find my surrouding classmates are too noisy until I cant really concentrate in my revision.

Teachers ask us to do own revision, as well as giving some last-minute tips too. :D

Some class' EST lesson was cancelled. We ask Santhi to cancel the class, but she insist continue the class for 1 lesson. While I'm having my lunch, I notice S5 is still in their EST class. I thought all S class dont have EST today, well looks like we've cheated Santhi for the first time. :P

Tuition again, Sundram's revision was dissapointing. I slept awhile. Fakaruddin did Phyz and Add Math revision, but too bad most of us arent paying much attention. :
Well well well.... tomorrow I'm having Chinese, BM, Eng and M.Math paper. I think I only need to concentrate on Chinese and Math. The rest.... let it be. :P

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  1. Exam is jus around the corner. And our fren here is revising for it now. Good luck in your exam and hope to c straight A's this time.