29 July 2005

Exam Day 3 - 28 July 05 & Fiesta!!

Paper # 9, Biology.

Hmm.... those enzyms and digesting system I memorized doesnt came out in exam, so do animal's stomach.... ruminant & rodentia. :But luckily, the structure question is not so hard, I manage to answer all. :)

After Bio paper, we'd 1 hour free time. Used this time to study for Phyz and fool around in class with my cam. :P

Reading paper

More pics can be found at my class' blog and my Flickr page.

After recess, continue study Phyz. Couldnt get everything in mind, and then had myself ended with blur mind sitting for the Phyz paper.

Paper # 10, Physic.

What I expected to came out in the paper didnt came out. This time dont have many calculations, but lots of application. Need to explain this and that.... arghh....
I throw in what's in my mind, hopefully teacher will stil give some marks based on my "logic". (>___<)
I know this is actually an interesting subject, but dunno why I couldnt absorb it as much as Bio and Chem. :
EST paper coming up next!

Paper # 11, English for Science & Technology.

Was expected to be an easy paper, but I'd second thought. This time the paper was challenging, esp the data transfer section. Nice job Alagamai.... u've tricked lots of ppl, including me for this paper. There's parts which I dunno how to do, but eventhough if I get wrong for that part, I'll only loss 5 marks max. No big deal.
I heard S2's class their teacher is writing the answer on the board WHILE the exam's going on. Damn S2.... damn Mohd Shukri..... CHEATER!!!

Whoa..... that concludes my 3rd exam this year. There'll be 1 more final exam to go, during Sept/Oct. For now.... I can rest abit. :P

I was happy that the exam is over. After that, I join fellow PP friends to attend Hui Chi's birthday party at KFC. They're planning to give her a suprise, by not revealing anything to Hui Chi.
Because of exam, I couldnt wait for the eating feast begin, so I get myself Zinger burger and Cheesy Weages. Later I ate 1 more pizza. I'm full....

Hui Chi's party
Hui Chi's Party
Hui Chi's party
Hui Chi's party

Me, Mun Hoe and Sun Hua left the party earlier 'coz we're going to tuition. Few mins walk to Suria, not as far as I thought. Had a great time chatting with those 2 PP chairpersons.

Fakaruddin's analysing our Add Math project's stuff. We're late, and I'm lazy to copy, so... I make full use of my cam to capture the calculations Fakaruddin written on the board. XD
Later chem lesson was quite interesting. Base, Alkali and Acid. I like this topic! :)

Tomorrow will a busy day, and tense is buidling up on myself. Dunno how to face few person in school...... :(

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